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Orthodontics In Lab Working Time

Prosthetics in Lab Working Time

Attention Dentists!

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges

Fit, strength and beauty that make a differrence.

Fit: Precision computer design system results in excellent fit

Strength: Lava zirconia provides high strength performance and reliability

Beauty: Natural translucency and patented shading system produce unmatched esthetics

Give your Patients' the Smile of a Brighter Future.

Click here for the endless indications of the Lava System

EndSnor™ Appliance

Reduces snoring
Promotes deeper sleep
Improves breathing
No more interrupted sleep


This dental device is a non-surgical way to treat snoring. It is easy to wear and customized to fit each individual patient.

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Dockstader Dental Retainers


DDR 100
Hawley wire with (2) Ball Clasps/(2) C Clasps

DDR 200
Hawley wire with (2) Adams Clasps

DDR 300
Soldered Hawley

DDR 400
Wrap Around

Color, Glitter, Pattern:

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Dockstader Logo Welcome

Founded in 1964 and located in Fresno, California, Dockstader Orthodontic Lab, Inc. is an international leader in the custom manufacturing of your orthodontic and prosthodontic needs.

Dockstader Orthodontic Lab is a full-service Orthodontic and Prosthodontic laboratory that specializes in "Removable" and "Fixed Appliances". Our expertise is in "Retainers", "Fixed Appliances", "Twin Blocks™", "EndSnor™ Appliances", "Functional Appliances", "Expansion Appliances", "Rapid Palatal Expanders", "Splints", "Study Models", "Cephalometric Tracings", "Indirect Bracketing", "Crown & Bridge", "Implants", "Flexible Partials", "Partials", and "Dentures". We place a special emphasis on our "Splashmaster™ Color Appliance."

Dockstader utilizes Federal Express, UPS, California Overnight and the United States Postal Service as our primary out-of-town pick up and delivery services, therefore, we are just a phone call away anywhere in the world.

Think of Dockstader as your "Lab Next Door!" In Fresno and Clovis, California, our home, we provide in-town pick-up and delivery.We are testimony to the fact that hands-on craftsmanship, quality and pride are not a thing of the past.

Our commitment to unsurpassed quality, craftsmanship and excellent service are a way of life. You can depend on it time and time again.






























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